Brush up on your digital marketing skills

Team Training

To facilitate the flows we try to bring up education and capability building around digital marketing process, including analytics, social media and programmatic buying alongside the soft skills, such as how to write an effective brief; and interpersonal/teamwork skills.
Sessions can be delivered in person or offsite. Certain Syllabus can be made available as a video series, customized to each clients’ organization’s specific needs.

Toolkits & Resources

We always use and implement Always-on toolkits for efficiently sharing knowledge/Information across a team or organization which includes Social/Digital Action Guides and digital knowledge hubs.

Group Workshops

FARDA team members are generous to share their knowledge to foster collaboration and Inspire Big Ideas.
Activities will be divided into training modules to help an organization better perform towards Brand Personality and Social Tone of Voice workshops and story-finding/content creation workshops.