Measurement is a core marketing discipline that is often overlooked

Digital Performance Analytics

Analytics is the core that answers who, what, where, and when marketing plans have impact on business objectives so we can determine how to orchestrate our client’s customer experience. 
Developing solid, one-to-one customer relationship is powered by the deep insight that can only come from the science of understanding and predicting.

Real Time Monitoring / Analysis

Constant optimization needs crafting real time monitoring and tracking solutions to ensure not missing any opportunities across all audiences, channels, and campaigns.
We try to identify the complex and non-linear customer journey to best inform media mix spent and while emphasizing on creative strategies.

Business Intelligence

With a laser focus on understanding what’s really driving sales and profitability, we are able to define what digital marketing strategy is best for growth. Based on unique needs, this may include a SWOT analysis, forecasting, product analysis, or competitive analysis in the Digital landscape.
Beyond just presenting a findings report, our Data Scientists provide a comprehensive and custom set of recommendations and qualitative information to turn the insights into immediate action.

Marketing Science

Through a mix of our private technology platforms, and other top notch technology solutions, FARDA provides best-in-class reporting that creates a digital marketing measurement framework offering a single source of honesty. 
Our team help clients with a holistic view of Always-On and campaign performance through descriptive, and predictive Social Media and online marketing measurement insights through out any or all marketing investments.